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PenPlusBytes operates one of the largest mailing lists of journalists interested in ICT issues. This mailing list http://www.dgroups.org/groups/penplusbytes (penplusbytes@dgroups.org) is designed to serve as an online working space to promote the use of ICT in Journalism (ICT Assisted Journalism). Our website www.penplusbytes.net also provides considerable resource on ICT Jorunalism.


There are over 200 journalists and media organizations on this list and they represent many diverse organizations and countries in Africa and the rest of the world. The list has served as a vital resource guide for journalists interest in training opportunities for ICT journalism, ICT related conferences and fellowships. For the last three years members from this list have been selected to attend the annual Highway Africa Conference in South Africa (the biggest gathering of journalists on the continent).


Penplusbytes also produces the Bantaba Newsletter as a way of increasing awareness about ICTs among the media in Africa.



Capacity Building


On 18th July 2002, PenPlusBytes working in partnership with the Ghana Institute of Information Technology (GIIT) and Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) organized the first ever national Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Seminar for sixty six (66) Journalists in Accra, Ghana. This pioneering effort led to the creation of awareness and increase in the quality and quantity of ICT stories in the Ghanaian media


In September 2003, twenty (20) senior financial and business journalists from the Ghanaian media participated in a one-day training programme on Online Journalism. The course was designed by PenPlusBytes and co-organized with the Institute of Financial and Economic Journalists (IFEJ).


In November 2003, PenPlusBytes together with Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing (GINKS) organized a training workshop which attracted twenty-five (25) senior journalists from both the print and broadcast media in the northern part of Ghana: Upper east, Upper West, Northern Region, Brong Ahafo and Ashanti Region.


The aim was to introduce participants to identifying ICT4D stories in their communities and to increase reportage of ICT stories coming from the rural areas of Ghana where many Non Governmental Organizations were actively promoting ICTs for development


In 2004 we organized the first West African Regional Media-Training event at the Accra International Conference center and the Kofi Annan Centre of ICT Excellence in Accra Ghana, from 1st - 3rd June 2004. The event was attended by twenty (24) journalists, from Ghana, Nigeria and Cote de Voire and was sponsored by AITEC and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).


In 2005 we improved the quality and content of the regional workshop and attracted 16 top journalists from Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Cote de Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana and Burkina Faso. The event took place at the Ghana International Press Center from 28th January 30th of February 2005. This second regional event was sponsored by Affilias and ICANN as a preceding event to the Africa Prepcom Meeting of WSIS.


In June 2005 we moved our regional training to East Africa and held a two-day event at the African Regional Centre for Computing (ARCC) Nairobi, Kenya from 25th - 26th June 2005 also a preceding event to the ICT e-Africa conference. Seventeen (17) participants attended the workshop which was sponsored by ICANN.


In 2006, PenPlusBytes pioneered the first ever online course on "Introduction to ICT Journalism" in Africa and the course run from (20th March to 20th May 2006). It attracted about forty three (43) participants from nine countries spread across three continents; Africa, Europe and Asia.


The course mailing list is:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mediaictrain/ and blog at http://mediaictrain.blogspot.com/.

The Course wiki is at https://mediaictrain.pbwiki.com/.


In year 2008, working with key partners and we launched African Elections Project www.africaneelctions.org providing a one stop shop for African election Information and Knowledge. Furthermore, we served on the organizing committee for The Our Media 7 conferences took place in Accra, Ghana from 11-15 August 2008 – the first time the event has taken place in Africa.


On going basis PenPlusBytes has also contributed to Highway Africa by sending its executives to be on the conference advisory committee as well as resource persons for their training and conferences. In year 2009, Penplusbytes Team leader is serving as the jury chair for OSIWA ICT Journalism Awards in Association with Highway Africa


We are currently working on pioneering project - online new media library which is going to serve as a key online learning resource.


In year 2009, we co-hosted a two day International symposium on Communication, New Media and Development with African University College of Communications and also facilitated a workshop on Introduction to ICTs and blogging at 2009 Accra Conference of African Council on Communication Education(ACCE)

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Ivy Priscilla Setordjie

Ivy Priscilla Setordjie is a broadcast journalist working with one of Ghana’s biggest private ...more

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